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Aydın Bal

Aydın Bal is currently working on his doctorate degree and teaching at Arizona State University. He writes theatre plays, poetry and short stories.


Jen Bal

J. Bal is an anthropologist and writer of prose and poetry.


Kim Brauer
Kim Brauer has been living in Berlin for three years, founding writing groups and events, and haunting queer clubs and Kreuzberg cafes. Her stories have been published recently in the Blithe House Quarterly (, Pindeldyboz ( and will be forthcoming in the Scrivener Creative Review. She's currently at work on a novel about a woman's journey through the Maghreb as well as a crime novel about an art theft in Jordan.


Zekeriya Erdinç
Zeki is a faculty of sculptor at Kocaeli University, Department of Fine Arts. He is holding a master of art degree from Hacettepe University, Ankara. Zeki, also, studied at Brussels Royal School of Art, Belgium and attended studios of Martin Guyaux and Pierre Charpontier. His works have been exhibited in several art shows both in Turkey and Belgium.


Zeynep Kılıç

Zeynep Kılıç is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology at Arizona State University. Her current research is on immigration, citizenship and cultural identity.


Özgür Soğancı
İsmail Özgür Soğancı, is a PhD candidate at Arizona State University and is currently working on his dissertation which problemetizes the gap between the Kemalist art educational practice in Turkey and the historical visual traditions of Anatolia with a focus on the place of figurative representation in the cultures of Islam. He is also interested in art making and chooses to conserve his work in book format some of which can be seen in his


Alex Yu
Chong Ho Yu (Alex) has a Ph.D. in Measurement, Statistics, and Methodological Studies (Arizona State University, AZ). He also has a B.A. in Visual art (Bemidji State University, MN) and a diploma in Professional Photography (New York Institute of Photography). Currently he is a Psychometrician at Cisco Systems.


Sinan Yucel
Sinan Yucel holds a BA and an MSA in Graphic Design. Aside from his professional design work, he paints a little bit, draws a little bit, and even writes a little bit.


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