Mission Statement

Bosphorus Art Project was formed with a vision to:

Establish a well-respected community of Turkish-Americans in the United States, especially in Arizona, through activities such as arts and culture festivals, concerts, performances, exhibitions, panels, publications, and multi-media productions.

Make Turkish arts and culture accessible and available to a broad range of audiences.

Initiate cultural exchange and interaction through film festivals, traditional and contemporary musical and artistic forms of expression, and various cultural events.

Encourage the collaboration, networking, and interaction of individuals engaged in the fields of art, music, literature, film, and other forms of artistic expression, with particular emphasis on Turkish arts and culture.

Support Turkish and Turkish-American artists by providing venues to showcase their talents and works.

Provide information, networking, referrals, and resources on Turkish arts and culture to Turkish and American artists, institutions, professionals and cultural institutions.

Broaden cultural horizons and foster mutual interest, understanding, and respect for cultural differences through artistic and cultural exchange.