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Editors Note

Laughter—An Epidemic Coming Soon To A Town Near You

What if you started laughing and couldn’t stop? And your wife couldn’t stop? And your kid couldn’t stop and then his friend couldn’t stop and then the neighbors couldn’t stop and then the guy at the gas station couldn’t stop and then the middle school down the street closed down because the kids couldn’t stop and no one could do their work? And what if it spread to the next town over? Everyone holding their bellies, their cheeks hurting, their sides in stitches?

Then the governor would have to call a state of emergency and scientists would be instructed to concoct a vaccine, which they would do with urgency within a month or two, maybe six. Worried parents would be afraid to vaccinate their kids because they might become autistic. Too many people would be infected by then, even the hospital workers and no one could hold still long enough to give the shots. Laughter would sweep the United States and abroad.
In 1962, in Tanganyika a laughter epidemic lasted for six months and spread to neighboring villages. It started with a couple of school girls. Be vigilant when you hear girls giggling, it might happen to you or maybe you want it to.

You can find out more interesting things about laughter in Robert Provine’s article in American Scientist or his book Laughter: A Scientific Investigation.

Special Note: Find a laughter club near you. Laughter yoga is a new craze. It’s gone global

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