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The Incident

by: Khaled Khan

Seventeen-year-old Hosai lay in her bed awake. She did not want to leave it. She loved the feel of her silky quilt, her soft mattress and her feather pillow. She gazed at the ceiling lost in her thoughts. Finally, she raised her head slightly and looked at the white round clock that hung on the wall near the door. It was ten to eight. She stood up, stretched and took a deep breath. The morning air refreshed her entire body and she loved it. She thought it was more soothing than the bed. She wore a white sleeping dress with tiny pink flowers on it as scattered little drops. The dress was so light and loose that she hardly felt anything on her skin... more

A Fish Story

by: J. Bal

Colin woke to the salute of his proud member. At age sixty-two, he wasn’t exactly the picture of virility. He was still capable from time to time, but the time between times was becoming greater in length. Amy, his wife of thirty years, had suggested that maybe he try one of the new pills on the market for erectile dysfunction since the doctor had ruled out anything wrong with his prostate and he was in excellent physical health. Wanting to please her, but preferring the natural route and taking an interest in herbal medicine, he had started taking ginseng about two months ago and had noticed a slight difference. Maybe it was starting to really work. He knew that it took some time for vitamins to build up in the system... more

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