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a boy reading in the woods

by: Saehee Cho

            He had been reading in the woods but now the light had disappeared, so slowly that the sudden realization that it was now dark occurred to him like a deception.  He felt startled and a little resentful towards whatever force had deceived him and he dramatically shut his book, folding it between palms like an angry prayer.  Seeing that no one was there to appreciate this gesture, he let the book go slack against his leg, spreading the pages with the bulb of his knee. more



by: Lindsay Maples

           On the morning the wave destroyed Betu Monga, Jaya dreamt he was walking across the palm trees under the moonlight. He could see the ground far below the trees as he passed above dirt and sand and thatched roofs, but the fronds were firm as grass. Jaya reached below him and picked a coconut, and it opened easily between his fingers. After he had drunk its sweet water, he threw the two halves into the sky, where they stuck between the stars and glowed white. And then something shook the tree and Jaya was falling, falling, till he awoke in his bed in a sweat, and it seemed like the room was moving around him. more

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