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And Sometimes the Death

Sits in your chair
This is my chair you say
The death smiles politely
As you squeeze yourself over
Moved by muscles
You didn’t know you had
Spiritual muscles
The muscles in the soul
Whose sole purpose
Is to make room for death

And sometimes the death
Curls in your lap
And opens the rosebud of its lips
And tips its head to your chest
And you find yourself offering
Your breast to your death
A tiny a spiritual breast
You didn’t know you had
Whose sole purpose is to swell
With the nourishing milk of death

And the death grows longer
And the death grows fat
Speaks in complete sentences
Pats your hand
With a hairy reassuring
Gigantic hand
A spiritual hand
You didn’t know death had
Whose sole purpose is to touch
To pat
To court you almost said
To court the soul
Smiling through your skin


by Joy Ladin

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