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Works by Lauren Coulson

Artist Statement

This is a multidisciplinary exploration combining photography and painting. The body of work draws on concepts of existence, mortality, memory and consciousness while exploring a tense relationship between perceived reality and abstraction. This body of work also stems from the human inclination to imitate and interpret aspects of our daily life, in which the manifestations are the distorted remnants of our memory and the fabrication of thoughts. This journey of discovery has embodied a world in which the figures are paused in time, reflecting back into altered states of consciousness. This body of work deals with imaginative realms where there are photographic and surreal qualities incorporated together, commenting on our memory and imagination working together.

© Lauren Coulson

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Daydream by auren Coulson



Inhibition by Lauren Coulson



Masochist by Lauren Coulson


Thoughts of a Geisha

Thoughts of a Geisha by Lauren Coulson

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